Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Dividing Line

Recently in History, we have been learning about the Election of 1860. We have particularly been focusing on the people’s reaction to the Election and its results. Our essential question for this unit says: How were the results of the Election of 1860 representative of the deep divisions over slavery? First, we watched a Crash Course video about the Election of 1860 and we took note of specific events or topics that were mentioned, such as the Fugitive Slave Law, Bleeding Kansas, the Dred Scott decision, and others. Then we learned about each of the Presidential candidates and their positions on slavery. Then we began making our video. We first looked at pictures that addressed important issues that led to the civil war. We used 5 images from the website called Civil War in Art. We recorded how each of these images helped to tell the story of the succession of many Southern States and of the Election of 1860. Then we found three more images that also helped to explain the Election of 1860 and what happened after it. To actually create our video, we wrote a script and put all of the  images into an app called Educreations. Then we recorded our script to explain our pictures.

Our Video:

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