Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Technology Overload = Infogr.am

To better understand the advantages and disadvantages of the Union and Confederacy, I created an infogram to organize the information. Infogram is an online tool that is used to create infographics. I concluded that the North (or the Union) had an advantage in the civil war because of the resources that they possessed. The first graph I added to my infogram shows the population of the North vs. the population of the South. It shows that the North has a much bigger population than the South. The larger population is an advantage to the North because they have more people to serve in the military as well as enough people to keep everything running at home during the war. I also added a chart which showed three comparisons between the North and South. The first compared the number of industrial workers in each part of the country. It shows that the North had more industrial workers than the South. The second comparison showed the value of manufactured goods in the North and South. The North’s manufactured goods were much more valuable than the South’s. By knowing that the North had more industrial workers and that their manufactured goods were of more value than in the South, one can infer that the North had more factories and that because of these factories, they had an advantage. They could make more goods to supply their troops. The North also had more railroad track mileage than the South. This allowed the North to be able to transport food, supplies and people easier and faster than the South.

In addition to the charts, I also included some important statistics. While the North had the most advantages before the civil war, the South did have a few advantages of their own. The South housed the majority of the military colleges in the United States. Therefore, most military generals, having gone to these schools, supported the South. The South also grew all of the United States’s cotton. The North needed this cotton to make textiles in their factories, so the South had an advantage with cotton. But the North also grew more corn than the South. Lastly, I included the statistic that stated that 2.5 million slaves worked directly in agriculture. I included this statistic because I found it interesting and shocking.

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